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The library is a pillar of our community.

We advance the mission and vision of the
Charlotte & William Bloomberg Medford Public Library.

We are thrilled to announce that the Charlotte & William Bloomberg Medford Public Library is a 2024  Cummings Foundation  $30 Million Grant Program Awardee!

Thank you to the Cummings Foundation for for helping the library enhance literacy and foster innovation!


2023: A Year of Growth and Engagement

Our Library stands as a vibrant hub of creativity, community engagement, and life-long learning. These statistics reflect not only the library's enduring relevance, but also its pivotal role in enriching the quality of life of every Medford resident through inclusive access and diverse collections, services, programs and technology.


Total Visitors

The Medford Public Library welcomed an average of over 650 visitors a day!


More Live Programs

The library hosted 860 live programs, marking a 42% increase from 2022.


Public Internet Uses

Public internet usage remained robust at 16,000 sessions, illustrating the library's role as a vital hub for digital access and connectivity within the community.


More Virtual

There were 25% more virtual programs this year, demonstrating the library's commitment to accessibility and innovation.


Monthly Cost to You

The library's monthly cost to a Medford household is only $7.38, which is less than a Netflix subscription, two cups of of coffee, or a foam finger
at Fenway Park.




2023 saw an impressive

circulation of materials,

averaging 32,075 per month.


Increase in Participation

Participation in 2023 saw a remarkable uptick in live program attendance, with an average of 53 attendees per day.


Meeting Spaces Bookings

With over 7,000 bookings, meeting and study rooms were in high demand, averaging more than 22 bookings per day, affirming the library's role asa communal space for collaboration and learning.


Material Use

Usage of electronic collections surged by 47.37%, with 49,541 sessions, highlighting the community's embrace of digital resources for learning and research.

1,144,697 lbs

CO2 Emission Saved

The Library's solar panels have saved over 1,144,697 pounds of CO2 emissions since installation. That’s the equivalent of planting 8,649 trees.

The Medford Public Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization which generates financial support and stewards private funds to enrich the mission and vision of the library for the community. The MPLF’s support is focused on Public Programming, Special Collections, Technological Innovation, Youth Services, and Adult learning.

Get Involved with the MPLF

Join our community of  volunteers!

The Medford Public Library Foundation's efforts to support the library are primarily made by volunteers. Whether it is joining a committee, staffing events, or tabling at civic events, if you are interested in being a part of that effort, sign up using the Volunteer Sign Up Form.

A gift is a great way to show your support for the library. Gifts to the annual fund support Public Programming, Special Collections, Technological Innovation, Youth Services, and Adult learning.

Visit our donate page to learn more.

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